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01 Portnet Maroc: l’engagement d’importation en ligne Le 03-03-15

Dans le cadre de la numérisation des services au Maroc, Portnet, la plate-forme portuaire d’échange de données sous l’adresse www.portnet.ma, est désormais obligatoire. Les importateurs devront donc s’abonner à ce service annuel payant et remplir directement leurs engagements d’importation sur le site web. Pour plus d’infos, contactez nous par email sur direction@ul-service.com ou directement sur la rubrique des réclamations reclamation.portnet.ma

Pour la constitution d’un dossier pour Portnet, les éléments ci-dessous sont exigés*:

  1. Dossier d’abonnement
  2. Délégation d’accès légalisée
  3. Demande d’accès légalisée
  4. Registre de Commerce (Modèle J)
  5. Copie du bulletin de notification des identifiants OU identifiant fiscal + patente
  6. Copie des statuts de la société
  7. Certificat ICE
  8. Attestation de relevé d’identité bancaire (RIB)
  9. Formulaire de consentement signé et cacheté (document original)
  10. Chèque de 3600 DHS (+photocopie) au nom de PORTNET SA, ordre de virement en cas de virement, ou bordereau de versement en cas de versement espèce

Top 5 shipping documents all shippers should be familiar with

  1. Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading, also known as B/L, is a contract of carriage between the shipping line and the cargo owner. 
  2. Packing list: The packing list informs your freight forwarder, importer, customs office, and carrier, of the goods you’re sending without needing to physically verify the contents.
  3. Commercial invoice: The commercial invoice is a legal document that lists the goods being sold and their sale price — I.e., what the importer has agreed to pay in exchange for these goods
  4. Certificate of origin: The certificate of origin is needed to clear customs and it determines the amount of duties and taxes that need to be paid.
  5. Letter of Credit: This is when a letter of credit comes into play. 

It’s considered one of the safest payment methods. The importer first draws up a list of terms and conditions, which have to be agreed by both parties.


The general rule is: if you are shipping fewer than 6 standard pallets in a 20-foot container or 12 standard pallets or more in a 40-foot container, it might be more cost effective to ship your cargo via LCL than FCL.In FCL shipping, the FCL load is loaded into the container at origin, which is only opened upon arrival at destination.In an LCL shipment, however, goods may be removed from the original container in which they were loaded and loaded into another container during transshipment and then handled again at destination for sorting and distribution purposes. The increase in handling exposes your cargo to higher risks of damage and/or loss.FCL is charged with a flat rate per container, where as LCL prices vary depending on the volume the merchandise occupies in a container.

Pallets for FCL shipping

There are two types of commonly-used pallets:

  • Standard: 47 ¼” X 39 ⅜” or 1.2m X 1m
  • Euro: 47 ¼” X 31 ½” or 1.2m X 0.8m

A standard container, both 20-foot and 40-foot, has a door opening of dimensions 7’ 8” X 7’ 6” X 19’ 4” (2.34m X 2.28m X 5.898m x 5.898m).


  • CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)
  • CFR (Cost and Freight)
  • DAP (Delivered at Place)
  • CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to)
  • CPT (Carriage Paid to)
  • FOB (Free on Board)
  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
  • FCA (Free Carrier)
  • DAT (Delivered at Terminal)
  • EXW (Ex-Works)
  • FAS (Free Alongside Ship


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